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Group Members

Current Ph.D. Students

  • Yanxiang Wang (2017)
  • Nathan Decker (2018)
  • Chris Henson  (2019)
  • Weizhi Lin       (2019)

Visiting Scholars:

  • Dr. Sang Hun Lee, KCC Corporation, Feb 1, 2020 to Jan 31, 2022.
  • Mengqi Fan, PhD student, Department of Industrial Engineering, Tsinghua University,  April to October, 2019
  • Ivanna Baturynska, PhD fellow in Additive Manufacturing, Department of Manufacturing and Civil Engineering, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, October to December, 2019

Undergraduate Researchers

  • Austin James Barrow, Purdue University; Kevin Sun and Jiyoon Park, University of Southern California; summer 2020
  • Austin James Barrow, Honors Aerospace Engineering, Purdue University, summer 2019
  • Donggyun Kim and Byungjoon Park, School of Aeronautical and Mechanical Engineering, Korea Aerospace University, summer 2019
  • Weizhi Lin, Beihang University, China, summer 2018


  1. Hui Wang, PhD, 2007, USF,  “Error Equivalence Theory for Manufacturing Process Control” . Current position: Associate Professor, Florida State University, 2014 ~ present.
  2. Xi Zhang, PhD,  December, 2009, USF,  “Statistical and Physical Analysis of Functional Process Variables for Process Control in Semiconductor Manufacturing”. Current position: Associate Professor with tenure, Industrial Engineering & Management Department, Peking University, China.
  3. Lijuan Xu, PhD, December 2013, “Nanostructure Interaction Modeling and Estimation for Scalable Nanomanufacturing.” Current position: Senior Analyst, Google, CA.
  4. Li Wang, PhD, December 2013, “Modeling and Analysis of Nanostructure Growth Process Kinetics and Variations for Scalable Nanomanufacturing.” Current position: Director at Liberty Mutual Insurance, Boston, MA.
  5. Yanqing Duanmu, August 2017, “Some Scale-up Methodologies for Advanced Manufacturing”. Current Position:  Senior Analyst at Statistics and Operations Research Group, United Airlines.
  6. He Luan, May 2018, “Statistical Modeling and Machine Learning for Shape Accuracy Control in Additive Manufacturing”. Current Position: Software Engineer in Machine Learning, Google, CA. (previously as a Research Scientist,  HP Labs at Palo Alto, CA.)
  7. Yuan Jin,  December 2018, “Statistical Modeling and Process Data Analytics for Smart Manufacturing” (Co-advising with Prof. Joe Qin). Current Position: Data Scientist, Facebook, CA.