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  • PI, “Shape Deviation Generator and Learner- An Engineering-Informed Convolution Modeling and Learning Framework for Additive Manufacturing Accuracy Control,”  NSF CMMI-1901514, $350K, 08/15/2019∼08/14/2022.
  • Lead PI, “Collaborative Research: EAGER: Explore the Theoretical Framework of Engineering Knowledge Transfer in Cybermanufacturing Systems”, NSF CMMI-1744121, $50K of total $160K, 08/15/2017 – 08/14/2018 (PIs: A. Sabbaghi at Purdue U; M. Plumlee at U of Michigan; H. Wang at FSU).
  • Leading PI, “CPS: Synergy: Collaborative Research: Smart Calibration Through Deep Learning for High Confidence and Interoperable Cyber-Physical Additive Manufacturing Systems,” NSF CMMI-1544917, $350K, 9/2015 – 08/2019, (PI at Purdue U: A. Sabbaghi, $300K).
  • PI, “RAMP-UP: Robust and Smart Control of Additive Manufacturing Processes for High Geometric Accuracy,” Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), US Department of Energy; ORNL grant #: 4000145653, $100K, 03/15/2016∼03/14/2017, under ORNL “Research for Additive Manufacturing Program – University Partnerships (RAMP-UP)”.
  • Leading PI, “Collaborative Research: Geometric Shape Error Control for High-Precision Additive Manufacturing,” NSF CMMI- 1333550, $285,000, 2013-2016 (Co-PI: Y. Chen at USC, PI: T. Dasgupta at Harvard).
  • PI, “CAREER: Nanomanufacturing Process Modeling and Control — A Foundation for Large-Scale Production,” NSF CMM-1055394, $400,001, 2011-2016.
  • Co-PI (50% effort), “Cyber-Enabled Manufacturing Systems (CeMS): Real-Time Shape Compensation for Accurate Direct Digital Manufacturing,” Office of Naval Research, ONR Grant# N000141110671, $439,645, 2011-2014 (PI: Y. Chen at USC).
  • Leading PI, “Collaborative Research: Nanostructure Growth Process Modeling and Optimal Experimental Strategies for Repeatable Fabrication of Nanostructures for Application in Photovoltaics,” $300K, NSF CMMI-1000972, 2010-2013 (Co-PI: C. Zhou at USC, PI: T. Dasgupta at Harvard).
  • Co-PI, “Bayesian process control for nanomanufacturing with mixed resolution information,” Hong Kong RGC (Research Grant Council), 2009-2011 (PI: F. Tsung, Co-PI: J. Shi).
  • PI, “In Situ Nanomanufacturing Process Control Through Multiscale Nanostructure Growth Modeling,” $350K, NSF CMMI-0728100, 2007-2010 (Co-PI: A. Kumar).
  • PI, “Analysis of Correlated Functional Variables for Manufacturing Process Diagnosis,” $280K, NSF CMMI-0600066, 2006-2009, (Co-PI, A. Kumar) (Including the supplement request of $15K for Cyberinfrastructure Experiences for Graduate Students (CIEG)).
  • Co-PI, “Nanoengineered, Manufacturable, Ion-Implantation Seeded Silica Nanowires for Sensitive BioScreening, ” NSF CMMI-0700659, $289,980, 2007~2010 (PI: S. Bhansali).
  • PI, “Multiscale Nanostructure Growth Modeling for Control of Nanomanufacturing,” Functional Multiscale Materials by Design Initiative, University of South Florida, Summer Support, 2007.
  • PI, “Measurement Strategy for Serial-Parallel Reconfigurable Manufacturing Systems with Real-Time RF-Tag Information,” sponsored by NSF ERC-RMS at University of Michigan (Co-PI: Dr. R. Katz, Chief Engineer at ERC-RMS), 2004.
  • PI, “Process Control based on Multivariate Functional Data,” USF Internal Award, 2004.